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Samtredia is located on the Colchis Lowland, on the right bank of Rioni river, 27 kilometers west of Kutaisi. For the first time Samtredia was mentioned in historical sources in the second half of the 18th century as a village. After the construction of the Tbilisi-Poti railway was completed in 1871-1872, Samtredia acquired a new function (dependent on its geographical location) and became a railway junction. Since that Samtredia is mentioned as a township. Later it acquires the City status. The municipality of Samtredia includes 15 administrative units, including 49 villages and 1 township.

Nowadays, the population of the municipality consists of 42,200 people.

There are 36 schools and 24 kindergartens operating in Samtredia Municipality. Today, Samtredia is a road and railway junction. It is bordered by two region of Georgia - Guria and Samegrelo. Samtredia borders on the following cities: Tskaltubo, Khoni, Vani, Abasha and Chokhatauri. 10 kilometers from the city is located "Kutaisi Davit Agmashenebeli International Airport".

Trade is developed in the city. In the surrounding villages are actively engaged in cattle breeding, poultry farming, beekeeping and agriculture. Sports are developed in Samtredia. The city has a football team; there is "Eros Manjgaladze Stadium", which can accommodate 15,000 people. There are sports schools, where are taught: basketball, wrestling, chess, karate... Samtredia has rugby and women's volleyball teams. Traditional Georgian sports competition "Leloburti" is held every year in Nabakevi community of Samtredia Municipality. It is especially noteworthy that Samtredia has a hippodrome where competitions are held in several types of equestrian sports. There is also sports pool in the city.

Samtredia Municipality is distinguished by its culture. "Erosi Manjgaladze Cultural Center", theater, art and music schools are functioning here.

Samtredia brought up many children of the motherland, of which the country is proud and who have a worthy place in the history of Georgia in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Samtredia Municipality is also interesting in terms of tourism. You can see many historical and geographical sights here. It is significant that Samtredia is among the rare municipalities where the population still actively uses the ferry on the Rioni River. In the city there is a balneological resort with sulphurous waters that cure several types of diseases.



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