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სამტრედიის მუნიციპალიტეტი

Student-youth house

Address: Photi Str. #3
Phone: (599) 40 33 43

The first director of the Pioneers House was Lola Kacharava. Maro Bakhtadze was appointed as a director from 1942. She led this house for 8 years in a confiscated apartment and there operated only six circles. Since 1950, Ketevan Tsitsvaya has been appointed as a director, who had been working only for 2 years. She was replaced by Venera Kighuradze, and since 1954, Eter Faghava has been appointed as a director of the Pioneers House. In 1954, the Pioneers House apartment was replaced and it moved into a separate building, and by this comparatively was improved the working conditions of the circles. At this time, 10 circles of different names and 17 groups were working in the Pioneers House. In 1963, Darejan Tevzadze was appointed as a director of the Pioneers House who was soon replaced by Makvala Chachua, the senior pioneer head of Transcaucasian Railway Secondary School №13. Since 1969, Makvala Chachua has been appointed as a director, who had been on this position till 2005.

There are 20 circles operating in the Student-Youth House:

  • History-Social studies;
  • English language;
  • German language;
  • French language;
  • Russian language;
  • Chemistry;
  • Skills;
  • Georgian folk song circle;
  • Georgian folk dance;
  • Georgian folk instruments;
  • Modern rhythmic dances;
  • Children's creative group "Orudila";
  • Vocal ensemble "Imedi"
  • Piano verbal;
  • Young designers circle;
  • Knitting;
  • Macrame;
  • Wood carving;
  • Young journalists' circles.

The students' self-governance and the students' parliament operate in the Student-Youth House.



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